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9 ways to get export orders from foreign buyers

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Having an export order is the main task of any exporter. Every business individual or import-export company has its own marketing strategy to get export orders. Without an order, the company is unlikely to survive.

The first of any exporting company is to focus on strategies to get export orders from which to sell its products.

How to get export orders?

1. Thanks to technology and the internet:

Technology has changed the lives of people around the world in the past two decades. Information technology plays an important role in all fields especially in international business. Before the 1990s, exchanging contact information for foreign buyers was an extremely difficult and costly task. Everything has changed today. I will tell you the first extremely effective tool in international business is the use of internet services.

How to use the Internet effectively in marketing your products?

a) As I mentioned in the previous article, the launch of a quality website is a reflection of the size and reputation of your company and you can update necessary information about new products. You will receive initial credibility for your products and company. Please upload photos of your products, factories, warehouses, manufacturing processes … to enhance your credibility in the international market among thousands of competitors.

b) Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role in making it easier for customers to find you after just a few keyword searches. What is more wonderful when you are always shown first than your opponent? If you can’t do it yourself, look for online marketing experts for help. You don’t know what they can do for your business yet.

c) Participate in social media such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, Plaxo, Pinterest, Linked in … Do not forget to leave the appropriate comment or post with the permission of the Admin.

d) Use Youtube, Flickr, e-magazines … can be used to boost your marketing. Please shoot, take pictures of businesses, employees, production stages. You can make your own short videos with images with background music (copyrighted) and upload them on YouTube, find a way to share it on social networks or attach a link to an email to send to your partner

e) Writing articles on your website will help readers know who you are? What are you selling …?

2. Improve the negotiation and communication capacity:

Negotiated communication plays an important role in international business. If you communicate well with buyers to convince them of the quality and price of the product, the buyer will definitely suggest you send samples and then the next order.

3. Actively send samples as per buyer’s request.

While submitting export samples, at least two sample sets should be drawn accordingly. One set you send to buyers or customers you think is potential. The rest of the sample is for storage, which helps you to match the samples you send to buyers during production as soon as you get an order from them.

4. Attend your trade fair or exhibition:

There are many international trade fairs held within the country and abroad, where you can display your products to attract buyers in the target market.

5. Go to the Export Promotion Agency:

This is where many sources of information have been broken down by product, category, geographic region based on the different levels of international business the business has. These agencies will guide you how to export effectively in international markets. They also have service expansion packages like finding buyers for your product.

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6. Embassy of the Government:

The Government Embassy is also responsible for promoting both business in foreign countries, they help exporters find business opportunities in the host country or seek resources to support their country’s businesses.

7. Set up partner meetings:

When you have a contact from a buyer partner, you can establish a personal relationship from which to build business relationships. Occasionally sending greetings, greetings, greetings is a way of showing interest in partners.

8. Appointing agents:

Some exporters designate a foreign agent they are targeting, which is responsible for dealing with potential buyers and processing orders that help your company (including problems with Technical or forwarding

9. Through contacts of friends and relatives:

The personal relationship of friends and relatives also helps create a good relationship between buyers and sellers. Get acquaintances to recommend the deals they know, or simply help you connect with potential buyers abroad. The easiest is to say what you are selling