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This service is flexible, reliable and efficient. We offer this service as a third provider based on good trucking partners.We understand who specializes in routes for each area to carry your shipment quickly with good price. We offer integrated container trucking and delivery with complete import and export, customs, trans-loading and freight handling services. We offer door to door delivery of large and heavyweight volumes either by consolidated cargo or direct charter.

Scania P- and R- series
Photo: Lennart Ström 2005

We follow our container trucking service of partners to ensure they are handling quickly, saving demurrage,detention and satisfying sensitive supply chain delivery needs. We provide a smooth interchange for various import and export services so you can expect a timely and accurate completion.

If you need trucking service or total services for your cargo. Please don’t hesitate to drop your information, we are sure that we can handle smoothly and efficiently.