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Steps to check information on C / O

Importers should pay special attention to checking C / O information as soon as they receive the draft. Normally, the exporter before issuing the original C / O will send a draft for the importer to check the information, below are the checking steps and the importer’s information to note....

9 ways to get export orders from foreign buyers

Having an export order is the main task of any exporter. Every business individual or import-export company has its own marketing strategy to get export orders. Without an order, the company is unlikely to survive. The first of any exporting company is to focus on strategies to get export orders...

A working day for export staff

Dear friends and brothers, When entering each profession, each different fields we are always curious what it will be like, giving us opportunities. Your questions are not wrong. As for the Import-Export-Logistics profession, I want to say that it is not a road “full of roses” as people often tell...