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A working day for export staff

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Dear friends and brothers,

When entering each profession, each different fields we are always curious what it will be like, giving us opportunities. Your questions are not wrong. As for the Import-Export-Logistics profession, I want to say that it is not a road “full of roses” as people often tell you.

Import-logistics profession has a lot of pressure not to mention the risks and mistakes that sometimes we must be responsible for the responsibility.

This career gives them opportunities such as high salaries, the opportunity to go abroad, to open their own companies … But the challenge of this job is that they always need the accuracy, speed, and ability to negotiate in high level, professional knowledge and relevant legal provisions …

Opportunities always come with challenges but it is important to understand in both aspects to avoid just seeing the opportunity and when it is difficult, officially dangerous, leading to panic … . To help you better understand this profession, read my article below. This is the story of my brothers and sisters in the profession, they are my sisters, my friends, my students … Hope you will have thorough and serious thoughts about this career of Import-Export-Logistics.

What are the differences between import and export profession and office staff positions such as accountants, administration, personnel …?


Using modern office equipment, managing many records, papers, dealing with outside agencies
Transactions inside and outside the organization


Always use English no matter where you are (vouchers, shopping staff, field staff), but depending on the position, your level of English is communication or simply reading English understand, write English
Use email most often. Reason: Import and export work requires following the process and requires a lot of communication with the outside.
Great work pressure. Some of you who work as an accountant also have a chief accountant controlling the output documents, but with the import-export position, it is you who is responsible for the accuracy of documents, contract figures, invoices, etc. The value of the transaction is usually in USD so the error is 1 thousand miles.
Dynamic: Import-export makes you dynamic because you often have to update documents from Customs, taxes, regularly meet and exchange with foreign customers / suppliers, so the opportunity to expand the relationship, Knowledge increases, goes beyond borders.

Here we look at a working day of Import-Export Staff.

Position of Purchasing staff (Purchasing staff)

Although Linh Nhi has graduated from Foreign Trade University, Foreign Trade University, but she was still quite surprised “because of the intensity of the work of the import-export staff when she was on probation. This is her description after a probationary period at the Purchasing Staff position.

“When I first came to the office, I had to quickly open the computer, waiting time for the computer to glance at my schedule – an indispensable desk calendar for import-export staff. The calendar circled any time periods are ETD (Estimated Time of Departure- estimated departure date), ETA (Estimateds time of Arrival- expected ship date), and then LC opening date (Letter of Credit- Letter of Credit). ), Shipping doc receipt date (delivery receipt) … Not only that, every important day is also marked with a blue and red ballpoint pen. When opening the computer, the screen will immediately display the Sticky Note (notes on the Desktop), then open Skype, open Mail immediately … Next, I need to complete the necessary documents as scheduled, just When the bank came back, I urged the courier to pick up the mail, just got the express delivery and called the forwarder again … I think the time needs to know how to arrange properly, no action is redundant, The way to work must be truly scientific. ”

The following is a portrait of the position of an Operation Staff.

Mr. Tam is a field worker working for an agricultural product export company, he is a person directly dealing with partners, conducting transport means, paying for goods and clearing customs procedures to be allowed to export. Export shipment. Agricultural products that need to be exported must meet the required standards, so he must also take samples, apply for plant inspection to get a certificate from the inspection agency.

Due to a lot of movement and work under high intensity, the outfit also needs comfort, convenience, jeans and boxed T-shirts that he can make the most of. For Mr. Tam, it is normal to have a lunch box in the hot sun at the port, waiting for a truck to arrive to supervise the packaging. He learned a lot about the spirit of working day and night from partners, especially … the driver’s wing, loading and unloading. Since moving to the export-import field staff, he has been more active and softer due to more contact with State agencies.

What about the export sales staff (Sales Executive)?

With 3 years experience in room management